Municipal Utility Services
Utility services are billed monthly for water, wastewater, storm sewer, garbage and recycling.

WATER: The City’s water system consists of two wells (429 and 343 feet deep) into the Cedar Valley/Devonian aquifer.  The City has two storage tanks capable of holding 250,000 and 50,000 gallons.  The wells are capable of a combined flow of almost 400 gallons per minute.  Water is treated with liquid bleach, aeration, and by iron and manganese removal prior to transfer to the towers or mains.  Fluoride is added for dental hygiene and phosphate for red water conditions. The water plant is capable of producing 518,000 gallons per day.
WASTE WATER:  Approximately 75% of the City has sanitary sewer lines that connect with the sewage treatment facility while the remaining dwellings utilize private septic systems.  The sewage facility was constructed in 1974 and consists of a 2-cell waste stabilization lagoon. The lagoon is located southeast of the City.   The combined surface area of the two cells is 27 acres.  Waste water is pumped to the lagoon by two lift stations.  The facility is designed for an organic loading of carbonaceous biological oxygen of 275 pounds per day. The flow is 197,000 gallons per day with 324 pounds of suspended solids per day.
STORM SEWER: Manly has approximately 5 miles of storm sewers.  The City collects $2.00/month on every dwelling within the City.  This fee is held in the sewer reserve fund and is used strictly for sewer upgrades and maintenance.
GARBAGE: Garbage collection is provided by the City. ¬†Pickup is every Tuesday. ¬†Special garbage bags are required and can be purchased at City Hall or Casey’s.
RECYCLING:¬†The City contracts with Waste Management for the pickup of residential recycling. ¬†Recycle bins are required.¬† Pick up occurs every two weeks.¬† The City of Manly also offers LEAF AND LIMB and JUNK pickup ‚Äď dates to be determined each year.
New residents are required to fill out an application for service and pay a $120.00 service deposit.  Please stop at City Hall located at 106 South Broadway.  Valid proof of identity is also required.


GARBAGE:          $8.00 PER MONTH
WATER:               BASE RATE $15.50
RECYCLE:          $6.00 PER MONTH
 SEWER:              BASED ON 100%  OF


Pursuant to City of Manly Code of Ordinances, Chapter 105.10.3: ¬†‚ÄúThe weight of the plastic bags shall not exceed forty (40) pounds when full.‚ÄĚ ¬†Bags in excess of this weight will not be picked up.
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Utility Account Update Form:
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